Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

It comes as no surprise that the sport of cricket and the country of India have extremely close ties. What might surprise you is, it is not the national sport of this proud country. If you have to define cricket, as a sport, in India you could argue that cricket is a religion, it’s an emotion, and something every Indian should experience.

If you think about what football means to the Brazilian people, then you know what emotions India has towards the sport of cricket. decided to head out and find the best websites that provide one of a kind cricket betting experience, they can be found in this article.

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Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

If you are new to this website, we are pleased to inform you that there are many betting sites available to Indian players. But, which bookmaker gives you the best cricket betting experience on the market? did all the research to compare all Indian bookmakers, to find the best online cricket betting sites in India. We took a lot of different factors into consideration when rating the bookmakers, and we also share what specifically you should be considering when looking for a good cricket betting site. We hope you will enjoy this article and that it will help you find the best online cricket site in India. Below are our results – enjoy.


Up to ₹10,000

Even though you might be new to cricket betting, then Bet365 shouldn’t be an unfamiliar name as they are a well-known online betting and gambling company. It has its headquarters in Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom.

Besides betting on cricket matches, this bookmaker also enables you to place bets on numerous other sports and place wagers on online casino games as well. Below are some of the other sports that you can bet on, at Bet365.

Bet365 knows how popular cricket is in India and decided to make it as simple as possible to dive into the match predictions. With this bookmaker, you have an array of betting markets that offer greats odds on cricket matches.

You have two options when betting on cricket using Bet365:

  1. Match coupon: Here you have the option to bet on scheduled cricket matches of a particular series. Start by filtering through the different betting markets and place a bet before the match begins. This type of betting is known as the “match coupon”.
  2. Live betting: Here you can bet while the cricket match is live. With this kind of betting, the odds in a given match are changed continuously as the match progresses. This betting form becomes increasingly popular as it offers more excitement throughout the game.

It is our belief that the user-friendly features and enormous betting market, makes Bet365 one of the best choices for Indian players – if not the best. We encourage you to check out our review of Bet365 here to learn more about the bookmaker.

Up to ₹10,000

Open an account with bet365 today and bet on a huge range of markets with the world’s favourite online sports betting company. T&Cs apply. 18+,

Things to Consider When Selecting a Cricket Betting Site

From our experience, all the different cricket betting providers have different features that you need to take into considerations, before choosing where to place your bets. Below you’ll find the ones that we believe to be the most important features to consider.

Welcome offers

Do yourself a favor, before signing up to one of the bookmakers here on the site, and check for welcome offers given by the bookmaker for first-time users. The bonuses that they offer are a great way to help you get started with cricket betting.

“I always check for welcome bonuses, before I sign up with a new bookmaker. I find it essential to get one, as it increases the amount of rupees I can wager on the different matches”.

The betting sites that you find here on Bettingpartner offers anywhere between 2.500 to 10.000 rupees in welcome bonus.

Cricket Betting Markets

Often you will find that there are multiple cricket games going on simultaneously. For each of these matches, there are “sub-markets” with an individual calculation of odds. It is crucial to find the bookmaker with the best amount of markets, as this enables you to bid more, and win more.

Best Cricket Odds

When it comes to making a profit on betting, as you saw with the betting markets, it all comes down to how high odds you can get. A cricket betting site, that has competitive odds, will increase your chances of taking home a bigger winning.

We’ve found that one of the best ways to ensure you get the best, most competitive odds on cricket is by signing up with multiple online bookmakers. This allows you to quickly navigate to the individual match and compare the odds that are being offered. If you are dissatisfied with the odds at one bookmaker, you can quickly switch to the other and place your wagers there.

“Getting the best odds is essential when betting on cricket, as this allow you to maximize your profit!”.

If you are on the hunt for the big winnings and massive capital gains, we highly encourage you to analyze the odds thoroughly, before placing a bet!

Commission Charges on Cricket Betting

You might have heard of casinos charging a commission on all the bets that are placed. Normally this practice is known from brick and mortar casinos, but actually online casinos charge a small percentage as well. We, therefore, encourage you to study what online casino that charges the least amount of commission as this enables you to take a greater share of the winnings.

Cricket Live Betting

Just like we wrote in the beginning, live betting on cricket increases the excitement and is, in our opinion, a very important aspect of any bookmaker. Betting live, as the match progresses, allows you the best chance to take advantage of fluctuating odds.

We can stress this feature enough when picking up a new bookmaker!

Cricket Live Streaming

If you don’t have the option to go and watch cricket live at the stadium, then the next best thing must be to watch cricket live streaming on your couch. The best cricket betting sites offer free live streaming of cricket matches to all players, which allows you to place bets immediately, as soon as you see a particular opportunity in the game.

Bet365 is one of the betting sites that offer the widest range of live streaming opportunities on the market, which is why we highly recommend this bookmaker.

Mobile Betting on Cricket

With the increased use of mobile phones, in our everyday life, bookmakers have come to the realization that they need to keep up and develop a great mobile betting experience.

This is good news, as all you need is a smartphone and a stable internet connection to place your wagers on cricket matches.


We hope that, after reading through all the information processed above in the article, you must have a better understanding of cricket betting for Indian players. We’ve strived to create an article that contained as much information as possible, to give you a better understanding of the topic. If you have any questions or would like more information added, please contact us!

If you don’t have any questions, then all there’s left to say is “Happy gambling”.